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Time Tracking and Leave Entitlement

The thick folders in closets, where hundreds of resumes are filed, are being replaced by ATS — Applicant Tracking System. It automates the process of searching for candidates, allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of various recruiting channels, and decides what works well enough and where it is better to direct additional efforts and resources. One of the distinctive features of the HRMS system that other software platforms don’t provide is attendance management. Without any hassle, HRMS precisely controls absenteeism and administers tasks like leave entitlement, leave encashment, the total number of leaves taken and the balance left. Absenteeism is an essential strategic element of the HRMS function to evaluate job satisfaction.

Tracking Employee Productivity

Automatically track employees’ hours from clock-in to paycheck. Create automated workflows to track employee productivity more efficiently. Quickly and easily track and manage employee attendances.

Manage Time & Attendance Exceptions
  • Easily Set Up Attendance Rules
  • Easily Integrate with HR
  • Easily manage time off requests and overtime using an employee friendly, easy to use calendar.
  • Employees can easily apply for open shifts or swap shifts.

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