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Avoid Liabilities. Ensure Safety.

A major reason to conduct background and reference checks is to avoid harm or legal liability of various types. This includes harm to:

  • Other employees by sexual harassment or workplace violence.
  • The organization's customers by, for example, sexual assault on business premises.
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  • The public by negligent driving.
  • The employer's business through financial loss or image and reputational issues.

Defiance of legal claims, such as negligent hiring, is a compelling reason to conduct in-depth criminal record searches of job applicants. A multilevel jurisdictional criminal records search can be strong evidence, that the employer exercised due care in hiring.

Pre-employment Verification Simplified.

Once the interview has been conducted and the firm is interested in hiring the candidate, we will conduct a pre-employment verification and successfully review the entire details of the candidate along with their past employment data.