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Background investigations and reference checks are employers' principal means of securing information about potential hires from sources other than the applicants themselves. A background investigation generally involves determining whether an applicant may be unqualified for a position due to a record of a criminal conviction, motor vehicle violations, poor credit history, or misrepresentation regarding education or work history. A reference check generally involves contacting applicants' former employers, supervisors, co-workers, and educators to verify previous employment and to obtain information about the individual's knowledge, skills, abilities, and character.

In the context of hiring employees, it is critical for firms to hire both the best candidates and also to avoid bad hires. Firms are therefore increasingly using the service of background screening to avoid the bad mistakes of poor hiring.

Verify the candidate is qualified

Some people unfortunately embellish their work history or education when job searching. You could end up hiring someone who is unqualified if you fail to check their background.

Perform a character check

Even if someone only slightly exaggerates their background, it’s a sign of dishonesty. Ensure your company only hires high-character people by verifying an applicant’s resume is 100 percent accurate.

Keep your workplace safe

The importance of protecting your employees, customers and company as a whole goes without saying. Background checks save you from hiring any dangerous or unsavory individuals.

Reduce your company’s liability

Your company can lower insurance costs and avoid unnecessary lawsuits by only hiring people who clear a pre-employment screening.

Avoid bad hires

Hiring the wrong person is costly and frustrating. Making the small effort to conduct a background check before you hire someone will prevent major problems from occurring later.

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