Analytics and Data

Analytics and Data
Achieve better goal alignment, increase employee engagement, and gain tangible insights into your workforce.

Background investigations and reference checks are employers' principal means of securing information about potential hires from sources other than the applicants themselves. A background investigation generally involves determining whether an applicant may be unqualified for a position due to a record of a criminal conviction, motor vehicle violations, poor credit history, or misrepresentation regarding education or work history. A reference check generally involves contacting applicants' former employers, supervisors, co-workers, and educators to verify previous employment and to obtain information about the individual's knowledge, skills, abilities, and character.

Tracking Employee Productivity

Automatically track employees’ hours from clock-in to paycheck. Create automated workflows to track employee productivity more efficiently. Quickly and easily track and manage employee attendances.


“Leverage Vetzu’s talent planning tools and insights to align your talent initiatives with your business goals and budgets.”

In the context of hiring employees, it is critical for firms to hire both the best candidates and also to avoid bad hires. Firms are therefore increasingly using the service of background screening to avoid the bad mistakes of poor hiring.

Intuitive User Interface

Impress new hires with an attractive, branded employee self-service onboarding solution that provides them with everything they need to be ready on their first day.

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Our Quintrx user-friendly onboarding software provides a seamless onboarding experience. Making it easy for new hires to complete assignments.

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Our proprietary software is mobile friendly allowing employees the ability to complete their onboarding easily and efficiently from anywhere. Enabling new hires to onboard on-the-go, wherever they are on any device.

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